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Errors after disabling SSL certificate


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We have been using an SSL certificate for our store: https://antihumedades.es

However we found a lot of issues with mobile devices.

So we decided to uninstall the ssl certificate and force all visitors to use http://antihumedades.es


The issue we are facing now is, when you have a cookie after visiting the HTTPS version, and you try to access the HTTP version, you can not

- Tryed with firefox: never-ending loading page

- Chrome: too many redirects errors


If I clean cookies the problem desapear, but the real issue is I can not do the same in all users' computers.


Anyone can help please. I'm becoming crazy with this issue


Thanks in advance

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I see two solution to your problem:

1) You should install a mobile compatible SSL ex:the SSLs site https://www.ssls.com/ offer the "EssantialSSL" from comodo, witch fix my mobile problem for 24.99$ USD /Year. 

2) Reinstall your current SSL on your web server, but disable the SSL feature from the Prestashop back-office, in the case the ssl version will still reply to your customer with an old cookie.


Hope it helps

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Instead of trying to find some awkward solution, you should fix the SSL issue... which is the root of the problem. The thing you really need to look into has been mentioned already by Dh42: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/471077-errors-after-disabling-ssl-certificate/?do=findComment&comment=2152116 - not all required parts of the certificate are installed in your case. 


I really advice, look into this and don't try strange solutions, which might cause you more problems that you might not be able to track down and fix as easy. 

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