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Front Module allow user to upload file and send it in attachment


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I am creating a module where user can upload a file. And then I need to send that attachment file to shop owner.


And the code I am using is below.

	$url = $_FILES['fileupload']['tmp_name'];
	$mime = mime_content_type($_FILES['fileupload']['tmp_name']);
	$file_attachment = array('content' => $url, 'name' => $_FILES['fileupload']['name'], 'mime' => $mime);

        Mail::l('test email.', $this->context->language->id),
        $template_vars, // Template Vars 
        "[email protected]",
        dirname(__FILE__).'/../../mails/' //template_path        

I am getting the file in email attachment with the name. But the files seems to be corrupted. By the time files reaches to email it's size becomes 1KB and it does not open.

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