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Migrating my self-hosted store to the cloud.


Some of my CMS files have formmail forms for customers to enter details and mail them to me. I've tried using the same code on the cloud version, but when I hit save it says "The content field is invalid."


It is the form code that is the problem, as when I remove it it's accepted.


Does formmail work with the cloud version? Or is there another way to insert forms into CMS HTML files?


Thanks for any help, I'm a novice! :)

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Any help on this?


I tried looking through the webservice documentation, but it's doing my head in, especially as the first couple of steps don't seem to work for me for some reason.


I need to get forms in my CMS html files. The code for this in my self-hosted PS store was:

<form action="/cgi-bin/formmail/formmail.pl" method="POST">


What do I need to do to get forms working with the cloud version?


Please help!

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