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Inaccurate credit slip in

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There have been another changes in the credit slip in version, besides the look.


Still, if there are vouchers, the amounts on the PDF credit slips are inaccurate (especially taxes).


This post follows the similar ones for v1.6.0.11 at https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/398872-inaccurate-credit-slip-in-16011/ and v1.6.0.14 at https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/429621-inaccurate-credit-slip-in-16014/. Initial conditions and the created order as well as credit slip are the same.


Used settings: http://www.presta-addons.com/pdf/credit-slip-voucher-



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No, I didn't and won't, because I don't think it will help. Honestly, my description has no "ready to fix" ability.


In fact, I don't like this "new versions and functionality by surprise", without responsible leaders, roadmap, fully tested and loosely coupled components. There are many bugs and when you fix one, the other one is comming on the other side.

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Well order-slip in is just a joke. It looks unfinished and I don't have the feeling it has changed with recent versions.


The amount functionality just don't work and won't for long as a lot of work/think need to be done. Oh sorry, it works if you consider the only important thing in an order slip is just the block down to the right. That's what Prestashop is actually doing.


The taxes are not calculated the same between huge getProductTaxesDetails (taxes tab) and the one in the pdf controller (total tab). And the former don't really know how to deal with vouchers.


Presently, I consider Prestashop in a state: I advice it to my competitors...


I hope Unit test will clarify all that. But for now it's really hard to help the project as it is moving too much and nothing is clear about what is on, what is the dev schema... Documentation is running after the code.


Enjoy and regards

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If anyone is having this issue with then upgrading on test copy of shop to see if issue persists would be best course of action.  

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