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Domain availability check

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Hello everyone,


This is my first post on this forum. I just started using Prestashop. I provide webhosting and cloudservices. Previously I used my own custom PHP and ASP scripts to provide online sales including a domainname check. This became limited quickly and in search for a well designed, proven and stable platform, I came across Prestashop.


My content and layout are in place now (products, cats, etc), but I'm struggling to find a way to do a domain check for people wanting my hosting services. I have seen similar questions about modules, etc, but not much info on the subject.


Is there a way to have a workaround, like having a global var that is set by an external php script on my domain?

I could then redirect customers from the cart to this script and if the domain name is available, it would set the var. I could maybe then have Prestashop do a follow up (or not). Would this be possible? Please keep in mind I'm new to Prestashop, so any pointers, tricks, etc would be useful.





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Unfortunately no replies...

This must be a difficult thing to accomplish.


Maybe it could still be done by using a workaround. I was thinking, maybe I could use one of the generously provided free modules that add extra form fields to the order process.
It could send the desired domainname by using a querystring to my php script, do the checking and send back the result by using a querystring. I would then need to find a way to prevent proceeding to the next ordering step if the querystring result returns false. I need to test a few of these modules to see if and how I could use them in my scenario.

Would anyone know if the html box I have seen on this forum could do something like this? Or maybe recommend another module that fits my thoughts?


Again, kind regards in advance.

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Thank you for your reply. I saw that post already and it was as I feared.

However I did manage with a workaround, not the nicest, but it works.


In case anyone is interested:


- Added 2 textboxes as custom fields for the product

- One named domainname, the second named transfercode

- Added link to the description of the product (subdomain.domain.com) to check for availability. An ASP script handles the logic there (MSXML)

- Set domainname field to be required, transfercode is not (since a new registration would not need a code)

- Let the link open in a new window



Yes this requires the customer to enter the domainname again if it is available (in case of moving it, they wouldn't even need to go to the link), but it does provide what i'm looking for.

Maybe it is easy in my case, since my hostingproduct has a free domain included, so i don't need a charging mechanism for that.






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