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Analytics not showing real stats PS


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I've recently installed latest version of google analytics module in our prestashop, set up an account, inserted UA-6XXXX46X-X (is that correct or should I put there only numbers, without UA- ?) into the module settings and I am not able to track anything in Google Analytics account. 


There are 5 visits for 7 days in total but this is not real for sure as we have about 5 orders every day and 80 visits from AdWords daily. I've set up everything as recommended in AdWords account but still can't see anything there.


Also in prestashop back office I see few people doing something on our website but in Analytics live sessions there is nothing.


Is there any guide for analytics in prestashop? I didn't find analytics module in prestashop useful at all at the moment.


Kind regards.

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I know and agree about prestashop back office stats, I was talking about back office Google Analytics module. I set up everything ok and visitors count is surely different from real. I will try editiing header.tpl and removing analytics module.


Thanks for your help, will give feedback after some times if it worked.



Edit: I've tried to put analytics code into the header.tpl file and it works. I see live stats and real visitors count. Many thanks zangxuma.

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