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quantity_wanted is restarting to 1


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I changed quantity_wanted to select form, and for one option i need to set "selected". 

If product don't have attributes - everything is ok, but if product have attributes then quantity_wanted select form "selected" don't work, every time form shows value 1. 


I found that 


this script is moving select form from "selected" to 1 value.


How I can fix it, I need keep quantity_wanted form on "selected" value.





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I have also some sort of same problem because when i try to increase quantity, PS and my theme, the quantity is being reset always to 1 (and therefore on the product page is not seen on the price any notification about quantity discount (not the table bellow - that is shown normally).

i noticed that this quantity_wanted is the ID of that field but i noticed also that it always is being passed 1 which is strange.

Did you find any answer on this yourself?

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