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Error with synchro , cant even remove profile


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I almost the same problem as the one presented in FAQ and common issues.


After being redirected to ebay and confirming synchro with ebay i close the tab and go back to prestashop, unfortunately there is a loading circle going on.  

I tried all the solutions presented in FAQ, but noone worked.  I tried to uninstal or even delete module but after installing it back nothing changes , there are still accounts with loding circles.


What is more , i cant even delete profiles , after clicking the trash icon nothing happens.


Reinstalling, cleaning and removing module does not help , after installing it back there is still all the data ( i hoped to clean module data and add account again)




Plz help


Kamil M

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Thx for reply, i tried this but its the same, now i have 3 profiles. I cant remove any of them.  Still the same problem -> continous loading circle.  


Where is customer support? I'm damn businessman , i want to sell my stuff and I'm blocked because noone wants to help me? FCK!

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