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[Solved]Restore Countries to default


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There is no option in the Back Office to do this. You'll have to do things the hard way by manually going to your database and emptying the appopriate tables and then open install/sql/db_settings_lite.sql and copy the INSERT INTO `PREFIX_country`section and any other appropriate sections and run the SQL queries on your database using phpMyAdmin to restore the default values. It looks like the relevant tables are `PREFIX_carrier_zone`, `PREFIX_country`, `PREFIX_country_lang`, `PREFIX_state`, `PREFIX_zone`. Remember to make a backup of the tables before emptying them in case something goes wrong!

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Hey rocky,

Many thanks for your reply and instuctions.
The mess is about the "zones" only, all other infos are ok.

Will this work if I only empty the zones table and reinstall it?

By the way it should e really helpful if there were some restoration functions in BO
because as you said some things need the "hard way".

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