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MetaRate wrong

Simone A.

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Hello evryone, I have a problem with meta field rate of products. PS, my store always had this problem since was open, but I try to fix it only now.

Well this is the problem: product with 1 rate, 5 stars, global rate onsite is 5 star but Google take 2 stars. It appear like there is a default review with 1.

In HTML code I see this:

<meta itemprop="worstRating" content="0">
<meta itemprop="ratingValue" content="2">
<meta itemprop="bestRating" content="5">
<span class="hidden" itemprop="ratingValue">5</span>

And Google test tool see this:




2 field RatingValue, google takes first (wrong) because second (right) is hidden.


How can I fix it?

Wictch file I must modify?

I had searched on Google but I found nothing about this.

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