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eBay module syncing all carriers even one disabled


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(sorry for my bad english)


I have some carriers created, but not all products are using it. The eBay module sync all linked carriers, event if a product don't have it enabled.


For example, carriers for a product:




Note that 'Correos Ordinario' is not selected. My carriers linked on eBay module:




'Correos ordinario' is linked, but not enabled on the product. BUT, on eBay the carrier is used:




Is this the normal behaviour or a bug ??? I think that if a carrier is not enabled in the product, the module must not sync it with eBay even if it's linked.


Any idea ?




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the module don't see the configuration of single product, but say to the module that 1 carrier of prestashop is an option for ebay.

If you don't want to sync a product, you must esclude that product.


If the free module have this option.


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