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[SOLVED] Bug in IE 6,7,8 - Missing bookmark header link

Ardian Yuli Setyanto

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I can't reproduce the problem. I just tried installing the permanent links module on my Prestashop v1.2.5 site and my Prestashop v1.3 test site and the bookmark link appeared on both of them in IE8 and in IE6.

The bookmark link is written using Javascript. Perhaps there is a Javascript error on your site that is preventing the link being written. You'd need to send me a link to your site for me to know for sure.

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I've never used Adobe's Browser Labs. Are you sure that it correctly executes Javascript? I use Windows 7 with IE8 (and IE7 compatibility mode) and Windows XP Mode with IE6 and the bookmark link is appearing in all of them.


Prestashop uses Javascript to write a bookmark link that calls the browser's "Add to favorites" box. It is the addBookmark() function in js/tools.js (in Prestashop's root directory) that is called to do this. Unfortunately, I don't think Safari provides a method to call the "Add to favorites" box in Javascript, so the bookmark link is not displayed. If you can find some Javascript code that does do this, report it as a bug so that Prestashop can fix it.

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