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After importing products from CSV, all of them don't display in home page as recently added

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Hi everybody.


I imported as 100 products from a CSV file. For creating the CSV, I downloaded the example file there is in the import section.


When I imported this file, I don't know why all of these products don't display on the home page as recently added products.


If I create manually a product from prestashop backend, it is displayed without no problem in home page.


I've tried changing values in Preferences->Products->Pagination but it is the same problem.


Can you say me what I'm doing wrong?


Prestashop version:

Theme: The default one is in prestashop



Thanks in advanced




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I just see in the database when I imported the CSV file, all the records (items) has its 'date_add' column with the same date and time. Seems as prestashop doesn't display any item in homepage when has 2 or more records with the exactly date and time. My CSV doesn't have that value and it is by default automaticaly added in import function.


I hope this help to anyone who faces this problem.


Thanks @Nemo1 and @leemarkwood for your great help.

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Hi @fabianc7 i know this is a 2yo post but, i tried your fix on ps and it doesnt work, did you also change 'Product available date' column?.


I added all my 100 products with dates like this 2017-08-17 00:00:01, 2017-08-17 00:00:02, 2017-08-17 00:00:03 and so on i it didnt work.


I saw the demo csv and it just shows dates without times for both 'Product available date'  and 'Product creation date' but i dont know if that could work.

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