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How To insert Block Cart in DispalyNav

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Hi Guys,


I'd like to insert the BlockCart in the first area of the defaultTemplate, in the Dispaly Nav.


At the moment, in the Display Nav, I have the Currency, the lenguage, the Account. and I'd like to put also the block of the carriage.


Of course I tried to move this module by the positioning panel in the BO but dosn't works properly.



Thansk to anyone who can give me a help!




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A list of actions that you have to do:


1) Open themes ▸ default-bootstrap ▸ css ▸ modules ▸ blockcart.css

2)  padding-top: 0px;

3) Move by the BO in MODULES / POSITIONS the block Cart in the right position

4) If dosen't work, go to global.css



nav div.col-sm-4.clearfix {
width: 300px;
float: right;

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