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Hey there,


I'm trying to limit number of the products for each shopping cart. I wrote a override for my module which is : 



 * Created by PhpStorm.
 * User: mert akdeniz
 * Date: 22.07.2015
 * Time: 14:37

class CartController extends CartControllerCore {
    public function processChangeProductInCart()
        if ($this->context->cart->nbProducts() == 1){
            $this->errors[] = Tools::displayError('You can not add more than 1 quantity in cart.');

I did it but it just disable adding any product to the cart (even cart is empty), What am I missing?


My PS version :



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your logic says that it the number of products in the cart is equal to 1, then show an error. 


That will prevent any products from being added to the cart. 


Instead, try saying if the number of products in the cart is greater than 1

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I think I didn't state myself clearly. I tried to change number to 10, but even cart is empty (i mean 0 products on cart), nothing happening when I click "add to cart" button. Not adding product to the cart. I just want to do, if i set limit as 3, after 3rd product when user try to add new product to the cart, a message says "you can't".

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