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[SOLVED] Custom Shipping solution


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Hey everyone!

I need to do something unusual when chosing a carrier during the checkout.

I'm going to use the services of a company that has several drop points throughout the country. I want the client to be able to chose one of these drop points when he choses that shipping option. Is there anyway I can do that? Maybe a hook? I'll have to save that information to the database afterwards, but that's not difficult. I'd just like to know how to integrate this option during the checkout.

Hope someone has a clue :)

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You can change the checkout code to add a ship from location to one of the steps (probably the shipping selection page - order-carrier.tpl), and than save the information to the database from order.php (which is the file that gets called in the checkout process).

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I think you can make this.

It's only a suggestion.


The name of ,Carrier have the name of the drop point collection, (text that have time to ship) have the name shipment or zone of country, give the price that you whant to charge or put at 0.

If you whant to give differente method of payment use modul ship to pay , because if you whant you can give to some drop points payment by bank transfer other's payment by COD or other by paypal :)


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