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Mail failure - malformed recipient address prestashop 1.6

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Hello there,


I have problem with email sending from contact form but only when the subject is referring to an order.


User go to contact page, and trying to send an email regarding his order.


When he press the send button the page is showing : "There is 1 error. Error sending message" and at the same time receiving in his email inbox a subject: "Mail failure - malformed recipient address" with email body something like:


=?UTF-8?B?zqPPh861z4TOuc66zqwgzrzOtSDPhM63zr0gzqDOsc+BzrHOs86zzrXOu86v?=\n =?UTF-8?B?zrEgz4POsc+C?= <[email protected]>\n Subject: =?utf-8?Q?[eshopname]?= =?utf-8?Q?_=CE=9C=CE=AE=CE=BD=CF=85=CE=BC=CE=B1?= =?utf-8?Q?_=CE=B1=CF=80=CF=8C_=CF=84=CE=B7?= =?utf-8?Q?_=CF=86=CF=8C=CF=81=CE=BC=CE=B1?= =?utf-8?Q?_=CE=B5=CF=80=CE=B9=CE=BA=CE=BF=CE=B9=CE=BD=CF=89=CE=BD?= =?utf-8?Q?=CE=AF=CE=B1=CF=82_=CF=84=CE=BF=CF=85_ .....

This is a message in multipart MIME format. Your mail client should not\n be displaying this. Consider upgrading your mail client to view this\n message correctly



Any thoughts?

My version is and i am not using the default template but a 3rd party's.


Best Regards


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Just noticed that the issue is only when the eshop language is at greek (/el) in english (/en) all email forms are working fine and email sending to the customers!


Any thoughts? Encoding issue?

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Update: Noticed that (only for greek) if the subject is regarding order, if i choose order id from droprdown then the email sending successfully. If not choose an order, then i got the mail failure.


For english no matter if choose order id or not, the message sending successfully.


Please guys help.


Best Regards

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We're having a somewhat similar issue. I think I have narrowed it down to the use of special characters. 

Like the Danish Æ,Ø, Å and most likely Greek letters as well.


We’re seeing it in the mail headers on the shop’s outgoing mail. If the name of the customer contains special characters like Æ,Å,Ø the recipient header ends up like your



Try stripping the encoded string from the line like this:



And decode it here:



You come up with this:

Σχετικά με την Παραγγελί

According to Google translate it means: About Your Order.


We have tried upgrading to the latest mail.php but we’re still seeing the issue.

I was going to report it as a bug, but I can’t for our version of the shop.




Our shop version:

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Just to clarify,

We’re seeing this buggy recipient mail header in both outlook , android gmail and in outlook.com. So it does not appear to be mail client related.

We have tested a customer without special characters in the name – it works with no problems. The recipient header is as expected.


There have been reports on this before, but as far as I can tell only with older versions of prestashop. Fixes that we're proposed cannot be used as the mail.php has been changed quite a bit since.

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