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Change IMG directory


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Would like to change the IMG directory for a prestashop ;
So I changed in defines_uri.inc.php & defines.inc.pho some globals variable as _THEME_IMG_DIR_ ;
I checked the way the images were called in my theme (not always using globals variables) ;

But It doesn't works : the images are not displayed.

Did I missed something ? any suggestion please ?

Thanks in advance

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In fact, it's a mess : in prestashop, many modules are coded with 'img' instead of using the global variable ...

In the path, regexp ....

I Don't know how many times I seen that : a big big mess ...
if you want to have a look, you could try something like :


grep -r -i -l "img/" ./ | grep ".tpl"


(and that just for the tpl files ...)

Good luck guys ...

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