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Prestashop Payment Module Malaysia Bank

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Saya telah membina satu rangka module untuk Maybank, Cimb, Cash deposit dan bank transfer, harap dapat membantu kalian.


MAYBANK: http://www.iwantbuy.my/software/2-prestashop-malaysia-bank-maybank2u-pay-payment-gateway-module.html
CIMB: http: http://www.iwantbuy.my/software/1-prestashop-malaysia-bank-cimbclicks-payment-gateway-module.html

CASH DEPOSIT: http://www.iwantbuy.my/software/3-prestashop-malaysia-payment-gateway-module.html

Boleh try module tu dengan cuba add-to-cart dan check out. Kalau happy, boleh bayar untuk menghargai contribution pencipta module ini~


Sekian, terima kasih!

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    i have one question, i already bought that module and configure also as par directions,  But upon check out time my name and Account number now shown there. How can i edit my name and Bank Details, even i already install and config my CIMB Click module and update my all information but fail to get my name and account number,

Please help me out, i need to submit my final year assignment please.


how can i change Bank Account Owner and Account Number, please.


Amount ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: RM50.51 
Bank account owner ::::::::: E VIEW TRADING 
Order reference code :::::::: JQMQGTGVC

Please click the red box below to make payment.

Step 1:


Step 2: Log in to your CIMB Bank account by entering User ID and password. 
Step 3: Click " Transfer ", " Within CIMB Bank ". 
Step 4: At "To:", choose "Open Recipients" and enter " 8007570285 ". 
Step 5: Amount: enter " RM50.51 " (Remember: Numeric only, do not write "RM"). 
Step 6: At " Recipient Reference ", enter your order number " JQMQGTGVC " so that we recognise you. 
Step 7: At "When", choose " Now ". 
Step 8: Click " Submit " and finish the payment. DONE! 

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