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Webservice API login denied when not accessing directly


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I am having trouble getting an external webservice to connect to my PS When I access the URL for the API directly http://www.mydomain.com/api?ws_key=3W2MXPE6SPVBLVZEDKKKM7JNSQEWTCER I get the XML shown just fine.

But when I try to access the link without my key at http://www.mydomain.com/api and type in the key as username with blank password, then I get 401 Unauthorized.


The service I am trying to connect needs the latter method so it is not an option to change how it connects. 


I just find it very strange that the direct link work when the login do not.


Any help is greatly appreciated.


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I believe that this might be realted to my server configuration. However I do believe that I meet all of the requirements Prestashop have but could there by anything that is not documentated or I have missed? www.mizoni.com/phpinfo.php


Please I need this working so any input is appreciated!

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