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Disable Header Images of Category in Subcategory


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Hello, I'm having some issues with the header/banner image in my catagoies, the thumbnail image doesn't seem to work at all however, when I select a catagory image, it formats it for the thumbnail just fine.

....however, the header image within the subcatagory is a mess with text over it.

I've been able to find in the forum a method to remove the header image but it takes away more than I'd ideally like.

When there's no image for the catagory, there's just a dark box with the catagory text over it.

Is there a quick and easy code change to catagory.tpl so I can keep the thumbnail image when it's being viewed as tile within a catagory but have it ignore the image when you've gone through to the catagory its self?

I'm running 1.6




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