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No order confirmation when paying by PayPal


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we have now been using PrestaShop and the PayPal module 3.10.0 for a few weeks. Everything works fine but we realized that there is sometimes no order confirmation when a customer pays by PayPal. I can see the order in the back office and the customer gets the "payment" e-mail but there is no order confirmation. It's a bit confusing because this doesn't happen all the time: There are also orders with an order confirmation. I tried it, too, and received a confirmation so that it seems to be a bit obscure.


When I open the details of an order in the back office there should be a "PayPal refund" section above the list of the ordered products. And I found out that this section only exists when an order confirmation has been sent. Does that mean that orders without a confirmation haven't been finished correctly? Is that actually possible?


I hope that somebody can help. Thanks a lot in advance!

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I am glad to see that we are not the only ones! Unfortunately, we haven't yet been able to figure it out ... It wouldn't be such a problem if we could request a new order confirmation in the back office but PrestaShop doesn't seem to support this (in contrast to xt:Commerce that we used in the past). :-(

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I confirm that on two installations I have there is this bug for certain payments performed via PayPal (see below).


I have personally verified the problem occurs on two completely different installations of Prestashop of mine, the first is version the second is


The problem is the following:

- the seller receives the confirmation from paypal, and

- no confirmation at all from the prestashop site, and

- when inspected, I see that the order is not there (prestashop 1.6) or it is there but is "cancelled" state (prestashop 1.4)


The unique common point is: in all cases the customer has specified, in PayPal, a name and email address different to those provided in the order phase.


the Prestashop 1.6 is using the very latest PayPal Europe 3.10.2

the Prestashop 1.4 is using a patched of PayPal module 2.8.7


None of the two has ever shown this behaviour first than a week ago, so it must be some sort of change that occurred recently on PayPal - Presta server to server communication during the order finalization phase.


Hope it helps to get developers on the right direction to solve it ASAP.

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