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Image Map HTML code in CMS page


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Was hoping someone could help me out here. I'm trying to place an image map into a CMS page. I went into the </> scource code area and added the image map html code.


<p><img src="http://www.prestashopStore.com/img/cms/map.jpg" alt="" width="563" height="516" usemap="#Map" />

<map name="Map" id="Map">
  <area shape="poly" coords="355,98,351,237,391,289,557,290,420,5" href="#" />
  <area shape="poly" coords="215,64,228,323,86,395,49,372,5,262,1,198,127,97,171,50" href="#" />
  <area shape="poly" coords="217,60,236,14,332,11,351,95,346,236,229,238" href="#" />



But when I save the page prestashop just removes the map html code. Any help much appecitated.

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I am not sure about 1.6 but in 1.5 you can add maps via standard cms. See here for an example: http://www.topsnoep.nl/content/4-wie-zijn-wij


But there is one catch: 

 - Google maps uses iframes. The standard safety settings of Prestashop are that iframes are not allowed. So you need to go to settings->general to allow iframes. Once you have saved your map you can switch it off again.

 - TinyMCE may not display everything correctly. But it will be saved and will work.

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Hi Vekia,


Thanks for your help thus far. I upgraded the tinyMCE editor. And I can see the new editor with the extra buttons. But unfortunatly it's stilling not adding the map html tag. I tested some javascript code and that works. Am I missing something?



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