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Product Video Pro Module- video instead of product images

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Product Video Pro - have a video instead of product images



Have a video instead of product images - on home page, product page, category pages and any other product listing pages. Use your own videos or the manufacturer's commercials in order to offer more value to your customers and increase sales. 

FO Demo: http://addons.prestashop.com/demo/FO11727.html

BO Demo: http://addons.prestashop.com/demo/BO11727.html

Buy: http://addons.prestashop.com/en/front-office-features-prestashop-modules/19765-product-video-pro.html

There are plenty video modules made for Prestashop but none like this.
Product Video Pro module will allow you to have a video instead of the product image, not only on product page but also in product listings and Home page.

The visual impact for the customers will be high and conversion will increase with the aid of the product video. You can either use the high budget commercials made by the manufacturer or create your own simple and honest product presentations. Either way, the client will be impressed and helped trough the purchasing process.
Service presentations will also be more efficient when adding a video demo or tutorials for your offer.


  • Add videos from YouTube, Vimeo or any other source
  • Chose product for which you want to have a video instead of product image
  • Chose pages where the video will appear ( everywhere the product appears, home page, category page listings or product page)
  • Auto play ( the video has the option to auto play when the page is opened, this option can be disabled)
  • Auto play delay ( you can set a delay in milliseconds for the video start. For example you want the visitor to be able to grasp the feeling and structure of your page, before you redirect his attention to the main presentation point, so you set the delay to 3000 ms ( 3 seconds)
  • Hide info ( you can hide the info bar that is shown by the [spam-filter] )
  • Hide controls ( you can hide the video controls such as volume, watch later, watch on YouTube or settings)
  • Video always show or only on mouse over ( video can be set to be always visible on the page or only when the visitor points the mouse over it)
  • Video displayed in front of the product image ( the video will be displayed in front of the product image in product listings and on product pages)
  • Video displayed in a popup that follows the mouse
  • Compatible with Prestashop 1.6.x.
  • Mobile compatible
  • Multishop compatible

Visit our demo front page to see our module in action.
Check out also the demo admin page to see all configuration options. 


FO Demo: http://addons.prestashop.com/demo/FO11727.html

BO Demo: http://addons.prestashop.com/demo/BO11727.html


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looks nice

does it work with non-default templates?

does it require some modifications to template / files ?

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Yes it works on non-default templates. We tested it on several different templates and on default template, and it worked just fine on all of them (the demo is on a LeoTheme). 
In our experience with Prestashop themes we found plenty that were so badly made that almost no extra modules worked on them... 
So, there might be instances where due to the theme, the videos won't look right, but for that we offer our support and we will make it look as it's supposed to, free of charge. If functionality modifications are needed, it's a different discussion.
We are still working on the module, a popup feature will be added in the next version and there are lots of other ideas and features to be implemented. 
It actually began with our marketing team who kept asking for solutions to use videos for our clients. It's funny that many people don't realize that Youtube is the 2nd used search engine in the world and are not even thinking to use videos for product presentation. We use them for our clients with amazing results... videos convert ... a short video presentation answers to lot of questions and will lead to a sale. For example, many people can't visualize sizes - 10 inches tall or 40 cm wide, doesn't say anything ... but when they see the product in a person's hand, they have something to relate it to.
Anyway, what we are trying to accomplish here is to offer a series of powerful marketing tools and determine people to use videos as product presentation, it will help the consumer take a decision and buy the product and of course, it will increase sales.
We tested it on many of our client's sites and it looks like the self made product presentation videos convert better than million dollar commercials ( of course, if you want to sell cars on a Prestashop platform, use BMW's latest commercials :) those are awesome) 
It's not that expensive anymore to create your own video, it has to be simple and it will look honest and real ( consumers know most product images are Photoshoped to look better).
Let me know if you want to test the module or if you have any feedback for us, that would be awesome. 

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Does the module allow to add multiple videos in one product?



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hi ...

In the description the last version  is v1.6.1.18

I am interested, Does it works for 1.7.* really ?

thks in advance

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