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Suppression of 'Favorites' link on 'Product' page


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Hello ,


I am working on defalut-Bootstrap


On the 'Product' page, i would like

1 - delete the 'Add to favorites' link ( and i fact delete the whole 'favorite' part)

2 - move the 'Add to my wishlist' link (under cart button)  under the 'Send to a friend' link


Yes, i know , it must be very easy for some of you :-)

but i really need some help as i just don't know where i have to look for

Thank you so much...



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second question

go to modules> positions and transplant wishlist module to displayProductAction hook

Hello vekia ,

Thank you for your help.

In fact i just cannot fond the  DisplayProductAction hook


I have   actionProductAdd         actionProductAttributeDelete      actionProductAttributeUpdate     actionProductCancel    

and also   displayProductButtons     displayProductComparison     displayProductListFunctionalButtons     displayProductTab     displayProductTabContent    


But no displayProductAction

Can you tell me where is my mistake ?

Thanks again



I also try through LiveEdit but it does not work as the whishlist link does not want to stay under my 'Send to a friend' link…

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