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Top Horizontal Menu Sub Category Images



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Actually I do not want to replace text. i want images along with the text. Which all file modifications is necessary basically??

I know a bit of php but I am scratching my head from where that href of sub menus is retrieved from database. Can you please guide me ?

In which file?? So, it is not in template files right?

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Always worked for me but with the update of (replaced back the blocktopmenu) it doesn't work anymore.

Gives a error : 

Fatal error: Redefinition of parameter $id_shop in /home/dronesvelt/www/modules/blocktopmenu/blocktopmenu.php on line 808


Filetxt :


private function getCMSPages($id_cms_category, $id_shop = false, $id_lang = false)

$id_shop = ($id_shop !== false) ? (int)$id_shop : (int)Context::getContext()->shop->id;
$id_lang = $id_lang ? (int)$id_lang : (int)Context::getContext()->language->id;
$where_shop = '';
if (Tools::version_compare(_PS_VERSION_, '', '>=') == true)
$where_shop = ' AND cl.`id_shop` = '.(int)$id_shop;
Someone any ideas ???
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On 01.07.2015 at 8:08 AM, Maheshmohan1093 said:



Found the solution. Replace blocktopmenu.php for having sub-categories images to be displayed. :). Enjoyyyyyy!!!!!!.. :) Thumbnail will be displayed ( Attach thumbnail images from back end for each sub-category images )


Thanks! Works on PS but additionally makes subcategory block appears even where is no subcategory presented
Printscreen - http://take.ms/m1TlK

<ul style="display: none;" class="submenu-container clearfix first-in-line-xs"><li class="category-thumbnail"></li></ul>

P.S.UPDATE:  the code for is different so compared files and done your "//" edits manually but empty submenu still appears



On 19.07.2017 at 9:33 PM, piotrek.btr said:


I can't download this file. So somebody send me this file or share under this post ? thank you


working file for PS https://goo.gl/s1r5Z1


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I close this thread. The question was added for PRESTASHOP CLOUD HOSTING PROBLEMS. This service was ceased by February 2017 !!! If you have a similar question regarding the top horizontal menu, so please add your question to the English Forum section.

Prestashop Cloud forum section is only ARCHIVE. Discussions here are discontinued.

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