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Product Categories bug, affecting back office and breadcrumbs

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i have an issue with my site http://scattypets.com/


I have used csv to import 700 products and i have another 5000 to go.


Categories have been created and when i uploaded the csv i selected the correct category number for the products and on the live site the product is shown in the correct category. However using an example product the product page shows the path as Home>product even tho the product has 4 steps. so this is affecting the breadcrumbs in rich snippets.


in the back office all products show as belonging to Home and if you select a category in the BO there are no products but when going to the product page it shows the product associated with the correct category.



if i select a product to be in home and another category then use the later as the default then it shows correctly in the BO


Does any one know how to resolve this issue


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Edit one of the products in Back Office, and select the Associations Tab,  What is the default category set to?


It sounds like your products have been listed in more than one category - the correct one, plus Home - and that Home is set as the Default Category on the product.


I don't have issues with CSV and categories on products, so it may be an issue with the formatting of your file - can you check the relevant line from a csv to see what exactly is in that field?

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