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dynamically updating product attributes from database


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Ok,  so here goes nothin......



I'm trying to build a site for a client that sells custom made hula-hoops.  There are several types of "tapes" types, and each having multi colors/patterns.   There are  Grip, Vinyl, Prism, Sparkle, and Ribbon tape types.    For example purposes each having a red, blue, and green color option.        HoopStyle1  only uses 1 GRIP and 1 VINYL tape.  HoopStyle2 uses 2 Grips and 1 Vinyl.     So the user would select a color from each of those tape types.    My problems is this,  not every tape color will be available all the time.  And over time, new colors will be added.    When I add them to the product attributes list the new colors do not get added to the Hoop products already available.   I currently have to go to EACH  and EVERY product and manually add the new colors or delete the old colors.   Is there a way to have this update dynamically from a database?  I currently have my own database set up with all my tape colors and types and info.   


So I guess my question is this,  can I make the product attribute that is selected to go with each product query my own database ?

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