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Optimizing load speed


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I´ve spent many hours building my shop from scratch so I can use prestashop (now using 1.4.7) and bought a very nice theme. Now that i´m almost done I began to notice poor load time. 


I´m using a 3rd party theme from themeforrest and I´m sure that is some part of the problem. There is no use talking to them about it. 


I´ve never bought any assistance and don´t know the prices. I must confess the budget is low but I´m willing to pay someone to fix the poor load problems. 


the main issues are (when looking in debug info), that there are many (sometimes over1000) sql calls for one page and mostly regarding menu and subcategories. But I´m sure there are other things too.


i´ve added a screendump with load info from one of the product pages.


Can anyone give me an estimate and then I´ll see if I should pay someone to do this instead of using more time on my own (limited knowledge here :) )


best regards

Ragna Thordardottir


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We are a team of PrestaHeroes with probably most experience in performance tuning on the planet.  We know that throwing money and performance modules 'seldom' works we review and find exact reasons for performance issue and fix it.  100% guaranteed.


For fast free affordable flat rate quote visit support.prestaheroes.com



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