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[Panic] Tax isn´t included for international buyers


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I've been trying to wrap my head around this but I can't find the setting for international buyers.


I run a Swedish clothing store www.borstahusenclothing.se but I have quite many international buyers. The problem is that, for some unknown reason, isn't tax paid when someone buys from e.g. NL or NO. For instance (screens attached) a pair of Adidas shoes cost 895 SEK tax inc and 716 SEK tax ex. Swedish visitors pay 895 SEK but international buyers only pay 716 SEK.


In attached screens it's stated that tax inc and ex are the same. Any thoughts?


I'm in desperate help here since the big sale is coming. Thanks in advance.







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I'm not sure how I should interpret your reply? Maybe I was unclear in my post?


Under "Localization -> Taxes" I have the Tax setting enable (obviously since all my Swedish sales work perfectly (90% Swedish orders)).


I very much doubt there is a pre-installed module which overwrites this? At least I haven't edited one.


Under  "Localization -> Taxes" I only have one Tax setting activated (25% Swedish tax).


Under Groups -> Customers I only have "Guest" and "Customers" and both have Tax enabled (should be irrelevant since the context is international buyers)



Which setting are you referring to?



Thanks in advance :)


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