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SOLVED Problem uploading files on custom page


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For my client, I made a separate page so he can upload pdf files (certificates of their products). And another page to the customer's search according to the selected product.
On the file upload page, the logic is as follows:
In a form
Select the product (from a selector), and then select the certificate (pdf) to upload.
Submit button stored in a table (created by me) the product ID and the certificate name and attribute (soon to be able to do the search.)
In the database the data is saved correctly, but in the ftp folder files are not saved.
Here I show you my code in /themes/ theme /certificados.tpl
<form method="post" action="subirconnect.php" enctype="multipart/form-data">
	<select id="producto" name="producto">
		<option value="default" selected>Producto</option>

	<select id="attr" name="attr">  
		<option value="default" selected>Diametro</option>

	<input type="file" name="adjunto[]" multiple="multiple">

	<input type="submit" value="Subir" name="enviar_certificados" class="btn btn-primary">

Validate form:


$TamanioMaximo=5000000;  // 1000000 ~~~ 1mb 
$CarpetaAlojamiento='../../certificados'; // path public_html/certificados

if(!empty($_POST['enviar_certificados'])) {

  $name_producto = $_POST['producto'];
  $name_combinacion = $_POST['attr']; 
  $name_certificados = $_FILES['adjunto']['name'];

  $cntFiles = count($name_certificados);

  for ($i=0; $i< $cntFiles; $i++) { //for multiples files
    if($_FILES['adjunto']['size'][$i]>$TamanioMaximo) {
      $MensajeCertificados= 'El archivo debe pesar menos de 5mb';

    } else {

      if (!is_dir($CarpetaAlojamiento)) {
        chmod($CarpetaAlojamiento, 0777);


      if(substr($_FILES['adjunto']['type'][$i],12,3) != 'pdf') {
        $MensajeCertificados= 'Solo se permiten archivos .PDF';
      } else if (is_uploaded_file($_FILES['adjunto']['tmp_name'][$i])) {
        move_uploaded_file($_FILES['adjunto']['tmp_name'][$i], $NombreArchivoFinal);    

        $name_certificados = $_FILES['adjunto']['name'][$i];

        /* upload data to db - works fine*/
        SubirCertificados($cntFiles, $name_producto, $name_combinacion, $name_certificados);

        $MensajeCertificados = '¡Certificado Subido!';

      } else {
        $MensajeCertificados=  'Problemas en el envío '.$_FILES['adjunto']['name'][$i];
The folder 'certificados' is already created and has the necessary permissions (777)
You may be missing? move_uploaded_file not working in prestashop?
This same code works fine on my localhost (WAMP)
I could guide here? and I have it all figured out, I only need to solve this problem.
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