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Attributes Problem


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Sorry to post this here but someone might be paying attention here ...

Many of us are having a substantial and sale-breaking issue with prestashop attributes which is becoming well publicised across the web.

The problem is with how attributes are managed in prestashop and that using more than a couple of attributes on a product can cause database meltdown. See the thread below ...


I'm not sure where to post this feedback for development of the next Alpha version.

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Thanks Rocky, are you involved with the development team?

I ask because this information hasn't been made available anywhere else. The lack of official response (even if it was, we don't think this is important) from the developer to bug reports or forum posts over such a major issue does no good for the reputation of Prestashop.

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No, I am not part of the development team. I am just a volunteer moderator on the forums. I receive an occasionally email from the team and I keep an eye on what is happening in the forums and bug tracker. I've noticed that the development team no longer talks about release dates or planned features until they are actually working on them.

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