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Own controller doesn't work


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Hi. I have such a problem. I did all in right way (in my last module it worked, because I took a pattern from it).

Firstly in main file of my module (here I name it myexamplemodule) myexamplemodule.php I have this line:

$this->context->link->getModuleLink('myexamplemodule', 'new');

And the link created is:


And then in module's root folder named also myexamplemodule I have:

controllers > front > new.php

and that file contains:

class MyExampleModuleNewModuleFrontController extends ModuleFrontController{
	public function initContent()

Then the next folder in module's root:

views > templates > front > myexamplecontent.tpl

And that file contains:

<p>My example content.</p>

That's all I have done. When I enter the link created above it shows the blank white page... This is the same structure as I did in my last coded module but here it doesn't work and I don't know why... Some ideas?

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If you are getting white page then enable debug mode and see what errors come up.

So check https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/224525-how-to-turn-on-error-reporting-for-debug-information-blank-page-500-internal-server-error/ .


Also think your controller could be named MyexamplemoduleNewModuleFrontController but not sure 

if that is causing error.

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