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How do I add the google merchant center htm file to my stores directory?



Website Verification


Verification & Claiming

In order for your products to be eligible to appear on Google Shopping, you must verify and claim the website URL entered in the General Settings tab.

Verification lets Google know that you are an authorized owner of this website URL. Claiming associates the verified website URL with this Merchant Center account. Learn more.

Claim your ownership of
Follow the steps below to verify your ownership.
HTML file upload (most common method)
1. Download this HTML file:google00d086120401558d.html
2. Upload the file to http://store-232.pswebstore.com/
3. Confirm successful upload by visiting http://store-232.pswebstore.com/google00d086120401558d.html in your browser.
4. Click verify & claim below.
To stay verified, do not remove the HTML file from your server even after the verification process is complete.


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