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Develop a customer queue system for service shops?


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I'm wondering how hard it would be to allow customers who have service jobs (i.e. something they send in to have worked on by us) to have a queue number assigned to them.


1. Through the back office, admin assigns a job name and links it to the customer's account.  The job entry name could also include a text area for simple notes (or just use the admin customer's notes text area).


2. A customer logs in via their regular account.


3. Customer sees what position their job is in - a box could show up with a large number, displaying what position their job is in.


i.e. "Your job is 27th in line, down from 31st since last week"




It seems to me that this is some simple math equations, an extra few database entries, and some code to make it display.


Any suggestions?


Thank you for your time,



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