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Mexico - Taxes

José Manuel

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There are several taxes in Mexico but only one can be charged to the client
IVA (Impuesto al Valor Agregado)
It's 16% for all Items but Food and Medicine in that case we have no tax
If a company (Persona Moral) is costumer of an individual (Persona física) the compny reains (does't pay) the 10.67% of the total price

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Hi Jose Manuel!

Firstly there is something I'm not sure to understand.
If you sell a computer with a price of $1000 tax excl.
As a company I want to buy it. How much should I pay? ($1000 + $160 (IVA)) - ($1160 * 0.1067)?

Secondly, what about voucher, shipping cost, handling cost? Is there any applicable tax?
Thirdly, does PrestaShop need any ajustment to fit Mexican laws during the order process or inside the invoice?

Thank you in advance.

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The IVA is allways charged lets say you are an individual selling something to a company this shiuld be the calculation

$1000 --Product
+ ($1000 * 0.16) (IVA)
- ($1000 * 0.1067) (Retención)

In any other case company to company, individual to individual or company to individual

$1000 --Product
+($1000 * 0.16) (IVA)

In order to have full suport in prestashop for this there must be in the profile a field to check if the costumer is an individual or a busines, now the shipping also charges IVA in the same way

I hope this is good enough if not, please let me know

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