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How to change (rename) the name of a php file


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Hello all,
does anyone know how to change the name of a php page (how to rename an already existing php page)?
By default the system (1.2.5) created a page called price-drop.php with the current "Specials".
This page is not visible/accessible in the CMS tab because it is generated dynamically, unlike 404.php or tos.php.
Frankly, price-drop.php is not on my liking, and i want to rename the php page (the name itself , not meta or description...) to specials.php, instead of price-drop.php.

How can that be done without rewriting with htaccess?
Anyone knows?

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You would need to hack to core to do that.
First the file prices-drop.php is not dynamic but is present in the root of your Prestashop.
Secondly, the core depends on these kind of files, so it might break your shop.

But if you are persistent !
Change the link in the modules/blockspecials/blockspecials.tpl on line 18 to your new name.
Then rename the prices-drop.php

Good luck hunting down new bugs, and do not log them to the tracker when you hacked the core pls...

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