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MailAlert doesn't work

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Hi all,


My version in Prestashop is


The mailalerts module at this point is not sending me an email when the user purchases a product and can not figure out why.
I've done the debug and there is no error.
I've done which are necessary changes to the server to be everything right.
The only thing missing is update 3 modules but I do not think that's why it will give error.
Does anyone know why this happens?
thank you
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There are a few reasons why Prestashop cannot send emails from your server, the most common ones are:

  • "From" field doesn't match your domain.
  • Incompatible additional headers.

Below are solutions to both:

In /tools/swift/Swift/Message.php line #79




$this->setFrom("[email protected]");


In /tools/swift/Swift.php after line 370

if (!($has_reply_to = $message->getReplyTo())) $message->setReplyTo($from);

Add the following code:

if (!$has_reply_to[0])



Now try sending a contact message....


If it still doesn’t work, make the following change:

In /tools/swift/Swift/Plugin/MailSend.php line # 159


$params = "";



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