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Invitation only or VIP price club


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I need either an invite only VIP group with different prices, or to make the entire shop invitation only with certain products/prices hidden to non members. Is there a module, or 'modules' that can achieve something to this affect?


By invite only, I mean the google product model. Prospective members may register through a link sent to their email. Registered members can in turn send invites to a set number of people they know.


I'm new to prestashop and If nothing like this is possible with the current environment of modules, how difficult would it be to develop a simple mod like this for prestashop?


It seems like it shouldn't be too difficult, maybe a workaround would be to prevent registrations except through following a link through the existing referral program. Then, the referral form could be re-located be more prominant and renamed to "invite" then use a modult to hide/change the prices for non-members? Hopefully someone else here has done something like this and can share their experiences.



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