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Social sharing v1.3.0 Problem

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I just upgraded Prestashop from v1.6.0.6 to v1.6.0.14 .   The Social Sharing module (Social sharing v1.3.0 - by PrestaShop) works on the products page, but on a blog page, for some reason, it kicks out an error.  I'm not sure why it's functioning on a blog page, but it seems to be.  The code below includes line 169 which the error indicates. Under the module configuration there is only the option to turn it on or off.  I've attached a pic.  Any ideas?


Fatal error: Call to a member function getPrice() on a non-object in /public_html/modules/socialsharing/socialsharing.php on line 169


// Exception are managed with Module::registerExceptions() but this is needed in case the merchant added new controllers afterwards
if (!isset($this->context->controller->php_self) || $this->context->controller->php_self != 'product')
$product = $this->context->controller->getProduct();
if (!$this->isCached('socialsharing_header.tpl', $this->getCacheId('socialsharing_header|'.(isset($product->id) && $product->id ? (int)$product->id : ''))))
'price' => Tools::ps_round($product->getPrice(!Product::getTaxCalculationMethod((int)$this->context->cookie->id_customer), null), _PS_PRICE_COMPUTE_PRECISION_),
'pretax_price' => Tools::ps_round($product->getPrice(false, null), _PS_PRICE_COMPUTE_PRECISION_),
'weight' => $product->weight,
'weight_unit' => Configuration::get('PS_WEIGHT_UNIT'),
'cover' => isset($product->id) ? Product::getCover((int)$product->id) : '',
'link_rewrite' => isset($product->link_rewrite) && $product->link_rewrite ? $product->link_rewrite : '',


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Same issue with 1.3.0 on, so i replaced "_PS_PRICE_COMPUTE_PRECISION_" with the value "2".

This solved the issue but the meta value was not ok (it's blank).

<meta property="product:price:amount" content="">
<meta property="product:pretax_price:amount" content="">

The errors was not showed.


Be carefull, you have 2 lines : 169 and 170


holpe this help to wait a corrected version




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