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specific prestashop extensibility requirements..


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Dear Community,

as a developer, I am looking for the right eCommerce system customizable for my needs. Here’s what I’m planning to do:

The shop will offer customizable products. Think of it just like online shopping for a notebook or something where the user can choose individual components, just with more logic involved. We call this configurable products. The information regarding what’s configurable about the respective product will come from a webservice (REST-api), probably as json. What I need to do is tweak the eCommerce system so it acts as a client, being able to serve a user interface for the configuration and sending back and forth data about the products state while the user customizes the product. The logic regarding the configuration will happen within the webservice.

Do you think prestashop is extensible accordingly without undue effort?

I very much appreciate your help!

With best regards,

Philipp Anders

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