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Delete 'Add to cart' and 'Details' buttons on Home page and Category page


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In default Prestashop theme it comes from product-lis.tpl line number #134 having class 'button-container' so you can do some magic around there:

Okay, what can be the magic? The standard way is to check the name of controller->php_self and check if it is 'index' or 'category' then do not print that whole division on your shop.

How can you check this controller?

Just assign value of $this->context->controller->php_self to a variable either in both category and index controller or simply in frontController only. And you can use that variable to compare.

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Hello Vipul (hope it is your first name :-)

Thanks for this answer but it seems too complicate to me.

Can i just take part of the code off in this product-list.tpl file ,  so the block with these two buttons will disappear ?

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