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PS 1.6 Category tree no working


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Hi guys,


I recently created a module that imports some products from a very "special" file, but i still have some issues understanding why are the categories and manufacturers saved in the db.


Describing what i`am doing :


1. After upload, open file, read line i`m constructing a productObject (mine) to help me populate the PS productObject.

2. First i`m creating the category if it not exists also the manufacturer. Save them and retrieve the ids. 

3. Creating the product & save.


I receive no errors and the imports finishes with success, but if i go to a imported product in the Association Tab, that product does not have a manufacturer or a category, even doe in the product listing they are shown ...


If i navigate to categories, the categories exists with all the child's. Even the manufacturers exist ...


I really don`t understand what is wrong ... bellow is a sample of code for adding a category, manufacturer & product.

// Category
$category_to_create = new Category();
$category_to_create->name = $tools->import->createMultiLangField($string);
$category_to_create->active = 1;								

// Default parent is root
$category_to_create->id_parent = ($i == 0) ? Configuration::get('PS_ROOT_CATEGORY') : $return[$i-1]['id_category'];

$category_link_rewrite = Tools::link_rewrite($category_to_create->name[$dLang]);
$category_to_create->link_rewrite = $tools->import->createMultiLangField($category_link_rewrite);

    $rtr['id_category'] = $category_to_create->id;

// Manufacturer
$manufacturer = new Manufacturer();
$manufacturer->name = $myObject->getManufacturer();


$psProduct->id_manufacturer = $$manufacturer->id;
$psProduct->manufacturer_name = $myObject->getManufacturer();


$psProduct->id_category_default = $last_category_added; // Last one of 3 categories
$psProduct->id_category[] = $array_of_added_categories; // Each one has 3 categories


Cristian Nicolae Nicorici

Edited by CristianNC (see edit history)
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