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how to connect to database?!?

vahid abdi

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i want to connect to database in a file that i've created in main folder of prestashop... actually i want to use it's own classes to connect.. what would i add in my code?


i need this soon.. so plz help if you can


thanks for helping ...

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By the looks you just have to include config file and then you are free to use all PS codebase.





$query = new DbQuery();


$result = Db::getInstance(_PS_USE_SQL_SLAVE_)->executeS($query);

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in the code above



it works pretty good

but now i want to do it like this


->from('customer, address')

->where('customer.column1="1" AND address.column2="something"');


yea i want to take data from two tables that column1 belongs to customer and the other one to address

but it doesn't works

what can i do???

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You can check DbQueryCore class for all available options.



I can do one more for you:

$query2 = new DbQuery();

    ->from('customer', 'c')
    ->leftjoin('address', 'a', 'c.id_customer = a.id_customer')
    ->where('c.active = 1')
    ->where('a.phone = 0102030405');

$result2 = Db::getInstance(_PS_USE_SQL_SLAVE_)->executeS($query2);

You can write it in many forms, just pick one you like

For example:

// This

// Is same as this
$query2->select('c.firstname, a.lastname');

// Add alias
$query2->select('c.firstname F, a.lastname L');
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