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Alert email when I get an order

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My version of PrestaShop is


I would like to when a user makes a purchase in my store I receive an email saying that a user intends to make a purchase in my store.

Since I am the administrator has logic.

The problem is already turned upside po prestashop the air and could not find a solution.

Someone could help me?


Already grateful,


José Cerejo

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I installed this module that you recorded and does not show me any data you menus.

I wanted to see if the requirements that need to prestashop on my server were all operational.


Then I tried to install mailalerts you gave me and does not show anything in the modules.

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So if they activate me curl php I will take advantage of mailalerts without errors?


It is that my site is giving stupid mistakes as some mobile brands the store does not work and other yes.

As the attribute search some work and some do not

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  • 2 weeks later...

hello there! My name is Lukas!

I have tried to serch help in spanish forum ,... and i thought that i should try to find help here also.


I have achived to split attributes line into list in the Cart.php ( i think),.. in the order steps section,... but the real problem resides in "new_order.html" mail template.

Check the image that describe my problem with mailalerts module.




if ($attributes)
                    foreach ($attributes as $row)
                        $products[$i]['attributes_small'] .= $row['attribute_name'].', ';

                $products[$i]['attributes_small'] = rtrim($products[$i]['attributes_small'], '<br/>  ');     <------this break doesnt work
                $products[$i]['id_shop'] = $shop->id;








$product_name = Product::getProductName($id_product, $id_product_attribute, $id_lang);


-maybe here i could split $id_product_attribute into breaks.









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hey Maskca!

actually my mailalerts.php &items_table structure looks like this.



$items_table .=
                '<tr style="background-color:'.($key % 2 ? '#DDE2E6' : '#EBECEE').';">
                    <td style=" text-transform:lowercase; font-size:3em;  text-align:left;">'.$product['product_reference'].'</td>
                    <td style=" line-height:1em; letter-spacing:-2;text-transform:capitalize;text-align:left;font-size:2em;  ">
<<< aparently those two lines that were cuted off dont affect the display.
                    <td style="font-size:1em;text-align:center;">'.Tools::displayPrice($unit_price, $currency, false).'</td>
                    <td style="font-size:2em;  text-align:center;">'.(int)$product['product_quantity'].'</td>
                    <td style="font-size:1.8em;letter-spacing:-2; text-align:right;">'
                    .Tools::displayPrice(($unit_price * $product['product_quantity']),$currency, false).
        foreach ($params['order']->getCartRules() as $discount)



uffff... digging to deep yesterday my site started to generate PDF invoces without items list at all....

as i didnt make the backup,.. had to rebuild all site... ( hard stress ;) ) now everything works normally and

i have to go back to the mission " breaking text lines in the mail template"



THANKS! Have a nice day

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