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Admin controller actions


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Hey friends,


could someone explain me how it works? For example, I have made admin controller where I print data from database. I used fields list to take variable from database and its automatically generate a table.


I add additional functions:

public function renderList()
        return parent::renderList();

And also see - ADD more function. But guys, how it works?


I tried to create a new class MlpdfOrders and add values to defination array (all variables from table where I put data).


Create a new public function renderForm() with a new form (all inputs to create a new row).


After I click add new I got error: Fatal error: Class 'MlpdfOrders' not found in localhost/ps/classes/controller/AdminController.php on line 1366


Is it any easier way to add a new row in database?


Thanks for any info


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