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Add a dynamic CSS file with PHP


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I'm currently writing an override for the CategoryController and I'm having issues adding a dynamically generated CSS file. My goal is to make subcategories icons' width adapt to the number of subcategories. In order to do that, I'm using a little "trick" that have worked in the past : I use a PHP file and declare the content as "text/css" in the header. Here is my php file dyn_categories.php :

header( 'content-type: text/css' );

$cat_count = $_GET['count'];
$width = 100/$cat_count.'%';

#subcategories ul li {
    width: <?php echo $width; ?>;

In my CategoryController override, I use this line in order to include the file :

    _THEME_CSS_DIR_.'dyn_categories.php?count='.$nb_subcategories => 'all',

The string for the file name is good, as a simple "<?php echo _THEME_CSS_DIR_.'dyn_categories.php?count='.$nb_subcategories; ?> prints the expected path. However, the file is not included and the string "dyn_categories" cannot be found in the source of the generated page.


I tried to understand the addCSS and addMedia methods of FrontController and Controller, but I don't find any explanation.


Can anyone help me on this.

Thanks a lot

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I don't know how to remove my post, but I just misunderstood a little detail and just found the solution by myself :

    _THEME_CSS_DIR_.'dyn_categories.php?count='.$nb_subcategories => 'all',
), 'all', null, false);

The last parameter of 'addCSS' is checkpath, and if set to true (its default value) the files won't be included as there is no such file as 'dyn_categories.php?count=X'


Sorry for the useless post

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Hi welcome to the forum first,


and why do delete ? It is not useless post, someone could search just for that,

so thanks for sharing your solution.


And for your problem , probably could done in different ways. I was thinking that module

blockreinsurense have something similar



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