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Core Confirmations - Unexpected behavior

Rubens Cury

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I've noticed when we cancel any record editing, the page always back preserving any last confirmation previously displayed on the List.


I think this behavior is not right... once the user got any confirmation it shouldn't be displayed again. The core, maintains the confirmation till user post anything else.


How to simulate:


  1. Go to Customers;
  2. Inactivate any customer;
  3. You should get a confirmation like "The status has been successfully updated.";
  4. Click button Edit to start editing any Customer;
  5. Click footer button Cancel to cancel editing;
  6. The confirmation message ("The status has been successfully updated") will be there again.

So... even we don't post anything else, we should not see this confirmation again. That's what I understand, specially because you might could close that confirmation message by clicking X into the banner.







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