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Friendly URLs and mod_rewrite enabled but I still get 404


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None of friendly links work (404) and product images are also not found.

mod_rewrite is loaded according to phpinfo().



We have a VPS.

Web server version is: Apache 2.2.16
System: Debian 6.0.2

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I did no changes in urls. There is some cache in cache/smarty/compile but I can't delete it due to low priveleges.

Anyway, caching is disabed in config. Example of friendly URL: http://windypluspolska.com/3_behrens-eurolift


Error example:


Not Found

The requested URL /kontakt was not found on this server.

Apache/2.2.16 (Debian) Server at windypluspolska.com Port 80
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Your shop has no friendly link. Seems you disabled the feature ? Take a look by passing over the mouse on the link they are showing:





If you disable friendly URL, or there is no writable .htacces available on the root of your shop, friendly URL's will not work.


Activate frinedly URL'S on your back-office of your Shop PS 1.4.

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