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Muliple Features with Images - Ajax Filter


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Hi guys,


I know this has been asked before but I still have never came across any solutions so if anyone can help it would be great.


I am using Ajax Filter which is great but there is one major limitation with PS and that is there is no way to associate a number of colours to a single product. Has anyone managed to this? The only way at present is to add in attributes but this is no use if it is a single product with no variants.


I know you can filter by features and choose all colours but this is just text, I need a colour picker to be displayed not text boxes.


Thanks in advance for any help 



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Aren't the colours the 'variants' of the product?


Hiya thanks for your reply.


What I meant was that I want to be able to filter out products via the filter module that doesn't have color variants but are still tagged with a color in features. I wonder if this is possible without creating a single variant for the product as some might have multiple colours for a single product.


Thank you



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On this page you will see how we solved multiple features:



It would need some extra coding to get it to work with colors. 


What we did was implementing every option or color as a separate attribute. Each of these attributes either has the value Yes or is not set. I could only get this to work with the 1.x version of the layered navigation module. The newer 2.x version becomes unstable when I make the necessary modifications.

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